Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Stretch Blow Moulding

PET packaging requires new technical solutions every day in the constantly changing world of plastic packaging. We are ready to satisfy the specific needs of each client with solutions that are specific to each case, attentive to every detail. To make you easier to find which of our blowers PET preforms best fits your needs, this comparative table will give you clarity. Please send us request via adjacent form for more information to help you on best option to suit your need.

Volume Speed Machine
Up to 3L 2.800 bph 1002e
6.000 bph 2004e
9.000 bph 2006e
Up to 10L 1.000 bph Maxiblow
2.400 bph 2002eG
3.500 bph 2003eG
Up to 30L 700 bph 5001e

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