Side Load Case Packers (SLCP)

Side Load Case Packers (SLCP)

Side load case packer is a machine used mainly for bag in box type of packages, here the carton will arrive on the infeed conveyor of the case-packer short side leading. The packs reach the up-stacking unit which pushes each row upward to the holding plate assembly. This row of packs will be held in place so that the next row can be moved under this.


Intelligent Layouting
  • One side operations
  • Blank, product, change over, blank/tape/glue recharge on the same side
  • Minimal operator movement required for operations or maintenance
  • Reduce operation stress and
Change over
  • Hand wheels and digital readout for quick and easy repeatability
  • All changeover wheels are in one location
  • Change over can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes

Blank Magazine
  • The Blank magazine is positioned very well ergonomically for the operator to access it from the front of the machine itself.
  • The magazine can hold upto 200-300 blanks (1.6m long magazine conveyor)

Product Manipulation
  • Infeed product can be manipulated based on the final packing matrix required. In some situation, product manipulation alone is not enough to get the desired packing matrix, machine is able to rotate the whole matrix before pushing it inside the RSC case. This feature of the machines makes it possible to practically get any type of packing matrix. This gives enhanced flexibility to end user to adjust various packing demands.

  • Designed for low wear and tear operations, along with low spare usage but minimizing belts and suction cups.

Case Squareness
  • Cases are kept square during sealing operation by top/bottom belts as well as side compression rollers

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