Monoblock Mechanical Case Packer(MCFP)

Monoblock Mechanical Case Packer(MCFP)

The Monoblock Mechanical Case Packer (MCFP) series packing monoblock is a simple and compact machine which combine the case erecting & bottom sealing operation with a pick & place packaging unit.

The machine is available in various configuration, with bottom sealing by means of PVC tape (MCFP-T) of hot melt glue (MCFP-HM), for production speed up to 1.000 case/h.


Case erection section with mechanically driven positive unfolding system and case squaring device.
Simple and robust case packing system base on a mechanical arm with desmodromic cam actuated motion.
Excellent accessibility e visibility of moving part for better cleaning and maintenance
Quick and tool free change-over.
Compact dimensions and easy to operate.

Technical Specifications

Weight 2.500kg
Power : RCFP-T(RCFP-HM) 7KW(11KW)
Power supply 400 V AC, 3 F + N + T
Frequency 50HZ
Air pressure 6 Bar
Comp. Air Consumption : MCFP-T (MCFP-HM)
11.5NI./min. (220NI./min.)

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