Machine For Bottle Caps Inspection

Cap Inspection

Complete turnkey installation in client’s production line for inspection of parameters such as Missing Cap, Cap alignment, Improper sealing, Squeezed & torn tamper evident ring, Gaps, Fill level. The system snaps 3 images of the cap as bottles passes through the inspection enclosure. This solves false accepts, which typically occur when using a single camera view. Measurements are taken at 6 different points, every 60 degrees.


  • 2 CCD B/W 1024*768 pixel cameras.
  • Backlighting system.
  • High speed operation.
  • Stainless steel component enclosure Easy installation over existing conveyor.
  • Real time statistics.
  • Container tracking with encoder.
  • Compact, silent and robust.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Easy format change over.
  • Good ROI.
  • Automatic height adjustment of inspection unit.
  • Intuitive parameter adjustment.
  • Management of rejection and alarms.

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