Stand Up Pouch Machine

SI280 Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

SI280 is a versatile and reliable machine for stand up pouches of up to 600 ml capacity offering flexibility in the change of format, with the added capability to produce big pouches for up to 2.5 liters.
Compactness and reliability are also two of the characteristics that best define the SI-280 model. The new SI-280 turns changing format into a controlled process by guiding the operator and leaving no room for improvisation.


Technical Specifications

Pouch format (W x H x G) min. (mm) 75 x 90 x 30 75 x 90 x 30 80 x 110 x 30
max. (mm) 280 x 310 x 105 140 x 310 x 80 90 x 310 x 45
Volume in c.c. max. (cc). 2500 600 150
Output (pouches/min)** Up to: 80 160 240
Film material Heatsealable
Reel dimensions (mm) Diam. max. 600
Width max. 750
Core diameter Standard 152 mm.
Optional 70 mm.
Electrical data 220, 380, 440 V / 50, 60 Hz
Machine dimensions (mm; L x A x H) 8035 x 1865 x 2150
Net weight in Kg Kg (aprox.) 6000
**depending on product and laminate characteristics

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