SI360 Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

The SI line has been designed for customers who require high production levels without forgoing flexibility that will allow them to operate with different formats.
A SI-360 may therefore be equipped to work in quadruplex at production rates of 240 pouches per minute and with format change thereafter to operate in triplex with a larger format.
The SI-360 Duplex version provides the option of working with pouches of up to 1500 cc at a production rate of around 100 pouches per minute.


Technical Specifications

Pouch format (W x H x G) min. (mm) 120 x 110 x 30 85 x 110 x 30 85 x 110 x 30
max. (mm) 180 x 310 x 90 120 x 310 x 60 90 x 310 x 45
Volume in c.c. max. (cc). 1500 500 200
Output (pouches/min)** Up to: 120 180 240
Film material Heatsealable
Reel dimensions (mm) Diam. max. 600
Width max. 745
Core diameter Standard 152 mm
Optional 70 mm
Electrical data 220, 380, 440 V / 50, 60 Hz
Machine dimensions (mm; L x A x H) 8035 x 1865 x 2150
Net weight in Kg Kg (aprox.) 8600
**depending on product and laminate characteristics

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