Versatile Pouch Machine

SP90 High Output and Versatile Pouch Machine

The model SP-90 has been designed to reach outputs up to 360 pouches per minute. Therefore, all the mechanisms have been designed to work in Triplex or Quadruplex, that is producing 3 or 4 pouches per machine cycle. This model reaches high output levels without limiting the advantages offered by the horizontal packaging machines as compared to other types of machines, such as flexibility, dose precision, airtightness, sealing guarantee and the quality of the finished pouch.

Technical Specifications

Pouch format (W x H x G) min. (mm) 40 x 50 40 x 50
max. (mm) 120 x 240 90 x 240
Volume in c.c. max. (cc). 180 100
Output (pouches/min)** Up to: 270 360
Film material Termosellable / Heatsealable
Reel dimensions (mm) Diam. max. 500
Width max. 480
Core diameter 70 / 72
Electrical data 220, 380, 440 V / 50, 60 Hz
Machine dimensions (mm; L x A x H) 6765 x1650 x 1800
Net weight in Kg Kg (aprox.) 5400
**depending on product and laminate characteristics

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