Horizontal Stand Up Pouch Packaging Machine

STD-14 Stand Up Pouch Machine

In the making of this machine, the engineers of Enflex followed two basic objectives: simplicity and total operation guarantee.
The result is the STD-14, the most competitive and widely accepted horizontal Stand Up pouch packaging machine in the market. It is a machine especially created for the Cosmetic, Food and Chemical sectors. The STD-14 has an unquestionable flexibility that allows it to also make Stand Up pouches with special shapes, zipper closing systems or end plugs.


  • Smooth movement of the carriage allows it to reach high speeds in the packaging of liquids.
  • Highly versatile for small-size packages.
  • Maximum robustness and reliability guarantee.

Technical Specifications

Unit For Stand Up Pouches
Sachet dimensions (widht x height) mm Minimum 70 x 100 x 35
Maximum 140 x 225 x 60
Volume in c.c. Maximum 650
Mechanical production output (sachets/minute)** 60
Reel dimensions Diam. max. 450
Width max. 520
Core diameter 70 / 75
Consumption in kW 3.9
Electrical data 220,400,440 V/ 50Hz,60Hz / 3 phases + Neutral + Mass
Net weight in Kg 1500
Machine dimensions (lenght x width x heigth) in m 3.18 x 1.15 x 1.80
**depending on product and laminate characteristics

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