Over Wrapping Machine

Marden Edwards machines offers a complete portfolio of automatic overwrapping machines. All Marden Edwards machines are straightforward to maintain and are very low cost to run. For individual pack wrapping the entry level machine is capable of speeds in excess of 40 products per minute. The highest output machine in the range is capable of speeds up to 300 products per minute. Typically, the majority of individually pack wrapping applications lie in the 50 to 150 per minute band..


Mechanical gripper film pull system
Marden Edwards machines can have collating systems that can accept as many as 750 cartons or 1500 pouches per minute
Wide range of pack capabilities
Low capital outlay
High speed up to 300 wraps per minutes
Customised specifications
Low maintenance
Fast and simple size changeover
Base seal or trailing edge seal
Mechanical or servo operation
Collating and multipacking
Transparent or printed film
Tear tape or perforation opening
Heat, cold glue or hot melt sealing

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