Case Sortation with Palletisation

Packaging customers who have the palletizing area far away from the packaging area along with multiple low speed packaging lines, traditionally require one conveyor system for each line, leading to multiple lines running from packing area to palletizing area. The case sortation with palletisation system is an excellent solution where cases from multiple lanes can be combined to a common case conveyor instead of running a separate conveyor for every line. Cases then can be sorted out at the palletizing area based on SKU.

Clearpack has successfully executed a project of case sortation with palletisation for one of the world’s leading FMCG companies in Indonesia. The entire project was conceptualised in a modular fashion with implementation in phases giving highest ROI to the customer.

Products from multiple packaging lines are conveyed on a common conveyor to the palletizing area. Using a bar code scanner, two different type of SKU’s are sorted to a robotic palletizer infeed and rest of the SKU’s are bypassed to a manual palletizing station. Palletizing system is completely automatic with pallet dispenser and conveyors.

Customer not only benefits from an efficient and reliable solution but with a solution adhering to International levels of safety. Also the ability of a Robotic palletizer to handle inputs from multiple lines unlike a conventional palletizer results in faster ROI.

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