Linear Labelling Machine
Linear Labelling Machine

The self-adhesive linear labelling machine, available for speeds from 4,000 to 24,000 p/h is suitable to apply partial or wrap-around body labels on cylindrical containers and partial front and back labels on shaped containers.

NON-STOP version for high speeds

The application of self-adhesive labels with the Non-stop system consists of two labelling stations for every kind of label (front, back, etc.) with retractable station slides that allows an easy and quick reel changeover. Thanks to this system, it is possible to pass from the work station to the stand-by station without slowing down the speed. This means the labels are applied continuously without stopping production. The transition from one unit to the next takes place even in the event of an alarm on the unit, if the reel breaks or if labels are missing on the reel


  • Production speed: from 4,000 to 24,000 bph, depending on the model
  • For cylindrical and shaped (rectangular, oval, etc.) containers
  • Base unit with external labelling stations to provide greater access to the operator both during operational stages and format changeover.

Cartoning Machines

Continuous manual infeed and Robotic top load cartoner for applications requiring individual modules for carton forming, loading and sealing.

Overwrapping Machines

Carton Overwrapping machines ranging from low cost entry level machinery to high speed integrated systems to wrap products for presentation, multi-packing & distribution purpose.

CW, X RAY, VISION Inspection

Monitoring and analysis solution for critical quality parameters via Vision, X-ray, Metal and Check Weighing detection.

Polyolefin Films (POF)

Most sought range of POF shrink film with superior shrink, strength and merchandising appeal.

Shrink Wrapping with POF Film

Comprehensive range of semi automatic/ automatic L-sealer, Side-sealer and Overlap Shrink Wrapping Machines.

Shrink Bundling with LDPE film

Monoblock semi-automatic and automatic shrink-wrappers with sealing bar & overwrap type for making product bundles suitable for transit application.

Case Erector

Automatic case forming and sealing machines for speed ranging from 10 to 40 cases/min. Tape or hotmelt version available.

Case Sealer

Hot melt or tape system design to provide reliable case sealing operation for your production line

Case Packer

Mechanical and robotic pick and place case packing solutions for wide range of products ranging from cylindrical containers to complicated difficult to handle products.


A very reliable, user-friendly & highly-efficient Robotic Palletizer is now available at very affordable prices.

Wrapping Machines

Range of Stretch Wrapping Machines for Palletized loads that can be personalized to meet customers end-of-line packaging needs

Case Erector

Suitable choice to accommodate and erect multiple case sizes within a compact footprint.

Case Packer

Range of case packers using Scara/ Delta/ COBOT/ Industrial robots to pick single or multiple items in order to pack cases.


Range of conventional and robotic palletizers based on speed requirement & formats that needs to be handled.


Conveyor solutions for bottle and Case Conveyors for transporting cases, boxes, trays, pallets etc requiring high performance with minimal downtime.

Turnkey Lines

One stop solution to undertake all activities from concept to commissioning.

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