Single Source Responsibility for your Packaging Lines - Tablet Bottle Line Automation (Case Study)

Pharma companies often face problems with space for end-of-line equipment. In addition to the length and width of the area, roof height is also a concern in many companies. 

One of the leading pharma company in India had a similar problem. But this was not a deterrent for them to completely automate their end of line operation. They also had to include product serialization and aggregation. Clearpack came up with a unique solution that can very well fit in the space provided. Solutions were based on robotics which helped optimize the footprint of the equipment. Clearpack jointly worked with a leading track and trace solution provider to put in place a complete line, taking care of all critical interface points between different partners of the project. This helped customers get a completely engineered and tested solution from a single source without worrying about integration.

Benefits to customer:

  • Fully automated solution with no manual intervention
  • 100 % Track and Traceability integration to the manufacturing process and visibility in the entire supply chain
  • Overcoming challenges of unstable bottles after application of PIL (Patient Information Leaflet)
  • Collaborative operation
  • Easy integration with the existing line
  • Low operating costs
  • Safe & hygienic packing
  • Faster ROI
  • Small Footprint
  • Flexible and durability of machinery for the long run
  • Real-time monitoring of OEE
  • Accurate results and fast output DD

1. Automatic lane division/ collation system with Shrink bundling

2. Cobot case erector and packer 

3. Check weigher and Rejector 

4. Labelling Machine

5. Label Inspection Machine

6. Case Sealer 

7. Cobot Palletizer

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