For us in Clearpack, ‘People come first’.

We make working at Clearpack an experience in itself by providing the right balance of personal growth and organisational growth. People are our key asset, essential to our success. We strive to create an awesome environment which empowers people to express, grow and contribute freely to realise our collective vision. We are also committed to helping individuals achieve their goals with each other’s support.

Clearpack values and respects the aspiration of every employee in the organisation and believes that the growth of the organisation is interdependent with the growth of the employee. We have imbibed some of the best practices to ensure that an individual with the right attitude, competence and potential is on the fast-growth track.

Our hiring process ensures that each position and every individual are perfectly matched. We recruit the best people by merging their skills and experience with emotional IQ and character.

Once again, Welcome to Clearpack.

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