Secure Stacking, Ready-to-Ship Loads: Palletizing and Wrapping Excellence for Beverages Bottles

Palletizing and Wrapping Machines for Beverages Bottles

The beverage  market has been growing simultaneously with the food market, with two major segments contributing to its growth, namely non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages. For the next ten years, the beverage market in India is projected to progress at a healthy 7.2% CAGR, especially the CSD (carbonated soft drink) demand is growing at steady rate.

Clearpack, renowned for its commitment to innovation has developed state of the art sweep type palletizing system, specializing in handling beverages bottles in both singles as well as bundled variant. The PAL 2C1I/2C2I (2 columns – 1 infeed/2 infeed) is high-speed palletizing machine used in packaging and logistics to arrange products onto pallets. Apart from beverage industry, cases, trays, or totes are also feasible to run here with greater stability.

These palletizers ensure smooth movement of products during the stacking process, minimizing jolts or disruptions. The system is programmable sweep bar design with compacting unit that ensures square pallets formation, thus optimizing space utilization and stack stability. Quick adjustments for different product sizes or configurations allows to introduce different SKUs sizes on single machine. They operate at floor level, making it easier to load and unload products.

Along-with product palletizing, 2C2I palletizer is equipped with layer pad applicator that places slip sheet/pad after every layer palletizing, aiding the stability of stacked pallet. Integrating this palletizer with Automated stretch wrapping machine simplifies material handling, minimizing manual intervention and deliver securely wrapped goods for safe transit to multiple locations. Clearpack has expertise in supplying conventional high speed sweep type palletizer to major beverage industries capable to handle 500-600 bottles/min line speed.

In essence, our collaborative approach redefines palletization operation, offering a scalable, efficient solution that empowers businesses to meet evolving demands with ease.

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