Case Packing of Pouches from Multiple Lines

Pouches Case Packaging

Clearpack successfully installed a system at one of a leading dairy companies in China where pouches with milk powder from multiple lanes are case packed using a single case packer.

When there are multiple lines with low speed running the same pouch every time, Clearpack can offer a single case packer with a system that merges pouches from different lines. Special feature of the combining bay allows intelligent merging of the pouches where no two pouches will rest on each other post merging. Pouches are released between the gaps of pouches released by preceding bays coming from other line.

These pouches are then properly spaced with a spacing device and fed to a servo controlled race track system. Special control of the race tracks makes sure that one pouch gets into each pocket and without the pouch inside the race track pocket, the race track pocket will not index forward.

Pouches are picked up by vacuum grippers under the picking head and gently placed inside the case with a help of a 2 axis robot controlled by ELAU motion controls. Gripper heads are designed such that alternate layers can be rotated by 180 degree while case packing. This gives better equalization of the height of the product inside the case.

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