Case Packing Solutions for Glass bottle & Jars

Glass is the chemically resistant container material for many of today’s life-saving medicines and has proved to be a great packaging option for the pharma, food, and beverage industry, by maintaining the quality of their contents and protecting the product from external factors.

Often manufacturers of such products face challenges in end of line packaging of these products for transit application. One slip and the glass container may smash into pieces. The loss will not only be in terms of one jar plus content cost but unplanned stoppage in the packaging line on account of cleaning & maintenance. This brings down the overall production efficiency.  It is therefore very important to choose an end of line packaging machines that handles products with precision and eliminates the breakage.

Proven Solutions available with us are:

  • Case Packaging of Loose Bottles

Clearpack has wide range of top load, side load and wrap around case packing  to handle delicate bottles with advanced regulation of bottle flow and speeds. The bottle case packing machine is modular in construction and can be customized to accommodate various shapes & sizes of cylindrical products.

    Some manufactures prefer to include layer pads or cross/vertical inserts to add strength to the pack and      avoid any kind of breakage with shaped containers rubbing each other.




Shrink Bundling followed by Case Packing

We often advise shrink bundling in situations where our manufacturer clients want to add extra protection to keep the products and the primary packaging & labels in perfect condition for consumers. Shrink bundling by makes the pack steady and easy to handle.


Check out our range of machines for safe and reliable case packing solutions

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