End of Line packaging of condensed milk can

Condensed Milk Can

Clearpack automated the packaging line of condensed milk cans for a leading dairy manufacturer in Vietnam. The cans were of 3 types – Normal cans, ribbed cans & easy open cans. The line speed is 400 cans per min.

The project consisted of can labelling machine, case packer, sealer & the associated conveyors.

The cans are fed to a “HSL/8” labeler from De Santis labeler using a channel having adjustable guide rails. “HSL/8” is a horizontal labeler used for the application of wrap around labels. It uses Hot Melt Glue for pick up & cold glue for closure. The case erecting is automated by ACE 20T from Apsol. The labeled cans are then passed through a twister to vertically orient them before feeding to the case packer. The 3 head MCP places 48 cans in a case in 2 layers of 24 each. The filled cases are then sealed using a T 10 sealer from SOCO, Denmark.

EOL Packaging for Condensed Milk Cans

Machine Layout

Can Labelling Machine

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