Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine: Changing Technology, Leading Technology!

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine
Flexible packaging has changed in great manner in the past few years, to the point that today, the pack presentation cannot any longer be a simple pack but a real packaging solution with real shape and function benefits which will set the difference between a well presented and innovative product and the rest. At the forefront of this change is Mespack, the world leader in innovation in Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine i.e. HFFS machines with more than 1000 installations across the globe. It is an intermittent system where the pouch is sealed on three sides and later filled on the fourth side. Let us have a complete look at the advanced technology which can definitely change the way packaging was executed!

hffs2We start with the benefits of using this principle. The Technology is consists of:
•  Strong Seal Integrity
•  Capability to fill from 1cc to 3500cc
•  Possibility to do different pack styles in sachet and stand up pouch
•  Flexibility – Possible to make a wide range of different pack presentations with maximum efficiency.

Next comes the Basic Operating Principles of HFFS:
Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine has a reel unwinder on which the film is mounted. This film is released from the unwinder. It passes through a forming plough and is further sealed at the bottom and 2 sides. The scissors will cut the pouch vertically at the right time controlled by the photocell. The pouch opening device opens the pouch and brings it to the filling station. The top stretching mechanism stretches the pouch to make a clean top seal.

Check out what to look for while selecting the right machine:
Consider the following basic points –
1. Nature of the Product
2. Product Dimensions
3. Pouch Material
4. Pouch Dimension/Size
5. Pouch Style
6. Speed Required
7. Hourly output of the product to be packed
8. Filling Temperature

Produce Stand up pouch using HFFS!
Stand up pouches are made on HFFS machine using a film or a laminate. Stand up pouches gives the packaging an aesthetic appeal. There are other features which are added to stand up pouches like a spout, zip or a straw. Spouted pouches are either top spout or edge spout depending on the requirement. Spouted pouches are used for products which are free flowing liquids and pastes. Zipper pouches are used when the pouch needs to be reclosed after the required amount of product has been used so that the product remains fresh for a longer duration or retains certain properties like aroma in coffee. Straw pack is also another application wherein the straw is already made available within the pouch. The best application is in beverage.
Stand up pouches offers these variations and also gives the pouch shelf appeal and become a selling point in itself.

HFFS has its own style: The Pouch style!
Variety of products can be filled in these pouches. This pouch style is economical and is used for filling of:
• Powder (Pharmaceutical, Energy Drink, Pesticides and Food)
• Liquids (Shampoo, Gel, Creams and Sauce)
• Tablets

Pouches can be made with certain features like Hole Punch, Euro Hole and Free Shape on the horizontal form fill seal machine. This gives the pouch a value added feature. With the help of Hole Punch and Euro Hole feature, the pouch can be displayed in an effective way. The customized Free Shape given to the pouch makes it more attractive, especially for children / home makers and increases the selling ability of the product by giving it a shelf appeal.
With so many benefits, styles, production options, HFFS is the technology of the future! Clearpack markets HFFS & stickpack machines manufactured by Mespack in select countries in South East Asia.
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