Contactless & Accurate Net Weight Filling Technology for High Production Environment

Net Weight Filling Machines

Today’s manufacturer demands high performance filling lines with optimal savings. Choice of filling machine technology plays an important decisive factor to achieve that goal. The benefits offered by Net Weight Filling Technology makes it one of the most suitable machines for liquid products that are expensive like Edible Oil, Lube Oil, Home Care Liquids, Personal Care Liquids, Solvents, Dairy Products.  
Net-weight filling technology is amongst a host of filling systems available in the market, along with level, volumetric, piston and gravity fillers. What makes Net-weight filler systems different from the rest is the fact that it doses the quantity of liquid being filled by measure of weight in dynamic condition.

Net Weight Fillers

The net weight is detected by a load cell located mounted beneath each filling station (base handling execution) OR the load cell can be mounted on the top (neck handling execution). Each of the nozzle would have one load cell and one set of Filling Control Card (microprocessor controller), the weight is measured continuously from empty tare to during filling till the end of filling and the final filling weight result is measured and auto-correction factor is applied for each nozzle for each next rotation.  For Load Cells and Filling Control Cards, Netfill uses one of the best in the industry from HBM, Germany.
For Manufacturer, they need to make sure that not even a single bottle is sent out to end user that have under filling and at the same time over-filling (giving more product for safety) results in more cost to them with no appreciation from end user. Net-filling technology ensures that consistency in weight accuracy is maintained if there is a variation in bottle weight/volume, changes in product temperature, air bubbles inside the product. Net Weight technology provides the best yield in terms of total number of bottles filled against the total volume of liquid that is to be filled.

For example, in level filling,due to temperature variations in liquid / air bubbles or foam in liquid/ bottle volume difference, there is a tendency to fill higher or lower volume (weight) in the bottle. For the product filled with net weight filling, it is always filled with same precision of Standard Deviation of +/- 1 Gram @ 1 Sigma, this way it ensures that the filling weight is always within the accuracy at the time of filling. This technology is measuring individual filled bottle weight for each rotation, thus it has the capability to reject the under and over filled bottles. This way the manufacturer is secured since no over-fill or under-fill bottle is leaving his premises to the end user. 

The filling is a contact less filling with the nozzle tip not touching the top of the bottle surface ensuring hygienic environment for safe packaging. Also, the filler is designed to prevent product-stagnation for hygienic reasons. It is easy to run CIP (clean-In place) and SIP (sanitize in place) cycles on the net weight filler to ensure hygienic filling.

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Net-weight filling provides greater savings and benefits for the manufacturer by means of controlling the giveaway of extra liquid that is given to end users when using other filling techniques. The savings in product liquid benefits the manufacturer in the increasingly competitive market.