Complete Primary Packaging Solution for Pharma Industry

The quality of the primary packaging of pharmaceutical products plays a very important role in the quality and shelf life of Final product packs. It must protect content against all adverse external influences that can alter the properties of the product, e.g., moisture, light, oxygen and temperature variations, biological contamination, etc. Commitment to good manufacturing practices (GMP) compliance as required by the pharma industry is the topmost priority of Clearpack.
Here is a glimpse of popular solutions:

Rinsing Machines

TORQ Range of Rotary Rinser meets the 21 CFR part 11 compliance by Pharmaceutical Industries and provides required cleaning for the interior of the containers in medicines production lines before the next step of liquid filling.

TORQ range of Rinser machines can have multiple cleaning treatments, like blowing with clean air, blowing with ionized air, vacuum suction, cleaning with water/cleaning solutions. 

                       Description: 920 x358

Salient Features: -

  • Suitable for Glass / PET / HDPE Bottles of different shapes & sizes
  • Compact Design in SS304 construction with safety interlock
  • Multiple Treatments are possible for bottle cleaning - Air Blowing, Suction, Liquid Rinsing 
  • Dive in nozzle option available 
  • Star wheels provided with clutch mechanism 
  • Drainable machine frame - ease of cleaning 
  • Bottles to be loaded on the conveyor, complete rinsing operation is automatic 
  • Used water can be recycled if needed 
  • Motorized Turret up/down movement 
  • Machine comprised with Conveyor motor and Main motor - both with AC Drives 
  • Operator friendly Customized HMI touch screen 
  • No bottle no Liquid discharge 
  • Various models designed to cover production range from 50 bpm to 600 bpm

Rinsing Mechanism: 

Rinser with Air Blowing Treatment: The Rinser is equipped with a Compressed Air Filtering system composed of Oil removing filtration degrees of 0.6 μm. As well as the final filter equipped with a filtration degree of 0,003 μm (air or gas). 

Rinser with Suction Treatment: Each nozzle is surrounded by a slight vacuum chamber (suction cup) and is positioned, during the blowing phase, close to the bottle mouth. These cups relate to a central rotating manifold by a timing ring. During the working cycle, a side-channel exhaust fan removes contaminants and air from the bottles by vacuum. ·

Rinser equipped with Air Ionizing treatment: Each nozzle is equipped with a high-tension ionizer (8 kV) and blows ionized air inside the bottles. Ionized air blown into bottles allows the detachment of the dust particles from the inner surface of the bottles. The supply includes the AC high voltage (8 kV) feeder. The ionization device is controlled from the operator panel. ·

Rinser equipped with Water Rinsing treatment: It is possible to provide a recovery tank that can be used for recirculating the liquid for cleaning purposes. 


         Description: E:\Clearpack\2021-12-20\283 x179.jpg                           Description: E:\Clearpack\2021-12-20\283 x 179.jpg


Linear Flow Meter Filling Machine

The LFM series of filling machines are inline intermittent machines equipped with flow meter technology (volumetric measuring principle). For the liquids that are conductive, Magnetic Flow Meters are employed for each nozzle. For liquids that are non-conducive, Mass Flow Meters are used for each nozzle. Both the Magnetic and Mass Flow Meters are applied for measuring the liquid with a recipe-based control system (from HMI) for accurate and repeatable filling of both large and small volumes.

Salient Features: - 

  • Various models ranging from 5 nozzles to 14 nozzles in a single frame
  • To cater for Glass, PET, HDPE bottles for production speed up to 200 bpm
  • Bottle transfer by Servo driven timing screw 
  • Nozzle Up/Down movement by Servo motor
  • Foamy liquids handled by Servo Driven Dive-in Nozzles
  • Liquid circuit supplied with gravity or pressurized tank (product dependent)
  • Hygienic non-contact filling
  • The liquid circuit is comprised with Automatic CIP function
  • Soft-push Rejection System to reject bottles that are out of ll volume tolerance
  • The machine is designed considering CIP operation to be carried out from HMI
  • State-of-the-art HMI with internal diagnostic & alarms
  • Monobloc execution of Filler with Single Head Capper is possible for lower speeds.

                      Description: E:\Clearpack\2021-12-20\Rinser Filler Capper.jpg

Capping Solution for Pharma Industry

TORQ provides a complete range of Capping solutions starting from linear Single Head Servo Capper for low speeds to Rotary Cappers with 3 to 20 capping heads. The machines are capable of handling Glass, PET, HDPE all kinds of bottles for speeds ranging from 15 to 400 bpm. 

TORQ capping machines are suitable for handling all types of closing applications; press-on Caps, Aluminium screw, CRC Caps, Pre threaded, oriented, dispenser, pump, and triggers.

Depending on the type of Cap, the machine can be equipped with special capping heads:

Description: 438 x 292

  • ROPP caps Chuck with thread forming and crimping wheels 
  • For Screw Caps Machine comes with standard Magnetic clutches for normal torque range or with Hysteresis clutch (washable execution) with high torque accuracy
  • Pressure head with axial spring (different measures) to apply the correct vertical load 
  • Positive gripper chuck with mobile grippers controlled by a cam, for shaped caps 
  • Special chucks with vacuum or with grippers.

Salient Features: -

  • SS Construction HMI panel designed for easy Operator Interface with display of SKU alarms history and production data
  • Capping heads' rotation speed is controlled by induction or brushless motors
  • Orientation of Caps with respect to Bottle front/back face is by Vision Camera & Servo Motor 
  • Remote assistance with Ethernet connection / Vision Camera for checking the correctness of capping 
  • Quick change over and automatic regulation with recipes 
  • TORQ machines are customized according to the pharma requirements always ensuring construction quality of the highest level 
  • Product contact parts in AISI304 with AISI316l option 
  • IES (Inox External Surfaces) and Washable execution machines are available.

Clearpack manufactures Torq Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machines in India under license manufacturing.


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