Shrink Bundling of Products Moving in Pucks

Shrink Bundling Machine

Clearpack, one of the leading shrink wrapping machine manufacturers was approached by one of its existing major FMCG customer to provide end of line shrink bundling solution for its range of shaped bottles.

The challenge was that the bottles had curved bottom (tottle) or and its movement on conveyor was tough. To ensure steady transport of unstable bottle, puck system was used from filling line input to end of line.

In order to make bundle, the bottles were to be removed from the pucks without compromising with line speed.

Clearpack successfully provided a customized pick and place system with 1800 turning device, designed to remove the bottle/tottle from puck and place the same on shrink packaging machine to be shrink packed. The system was able to handle 11 different bottles of varied size & design with minimum change parts.

Below are the unique features of the machine:

  • The automatic sleeve wrapper with pick and place system is a machine that is ideal to be adopted in multiple packaging lines of homecare & personal-care industry
  • The special structure of this sleeve wrapping machine allows easy access to the work area; therefore, maintenance is simple and convenient to carry out.
  • The machine structure is made of SS304 for product safety.
  • The mechanical movements of the machine’s operating cycle are carried out by pneumatic cylinders and servo motors control the gantry motion of pick & place system by the electronic control unit.
  • The sequence and amplitude of the movements can be programmed via software that allows a wide range of size parts to be implemented regarding both composition and dimension of products to be handled.
  • Other movements are carried out by gear motors or drivers at speeds that can be varied via inverters.
  • All the phases in the operating cycle are automatically checked and any failures are displayed on the operator terminal. If necessary, the machine is stopped automatically to allow for checks.
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