Case Packing: An Introduction

Case packing is a core process in all areas of manufacturing, including food and beverage. Traditionally this has been done manually, but the advancement of technology has made many automation solutions available. What will suit one’s business best? Case packing can come in many forms. Until now, case packing in...

The Importance of Packaging

Packaging is the primary aspect of a product that draws a consumer’s attention as well as facilitates brand recall. Therefore, it is important to note that the packaging machinery employed, too, plays a significant role. Following are some stats which present an overview of the importance of Packaging....

Case Packing of Pouches from Multiple Lines

Clearpack successfully installed a system at one of a leading dairy companies in China where pouches with milk powder from multiple lanes are case packed using a single case packer. When there are multiple lines with low speed running the same pouch every time, Clearpack can offer a single case

End of Line packaging for Edible Oil Jerry cans

Clearpack automated the packaging line for a leading edible oil manufacturer in Indonesia. The line is capable of handling both the 5 liter & 3 liter jerry cans. The project consist of – RSC top load case packer, Case erector, Case sealer, check weigher (from Bizerba) & the related conveyors.

End Of Line Packaging of Lube Oil Containers

Clearpack automated the case packing operation for a leading Lube Oil MNC. Mechanical Case Packer (MCP) is manufactured in the Clearpack factory in Malaysia, under license from Apsol, Italy. This gives the cost advantage to the customer. MCP 2 picks up picks 8 lube oil containers in one cycle &

Clearpack Case Study – End of Line packaging of Roll-On-Deodorant bottles

Clearpack provided a packaging solution for 2 lines of Roll on Deodorant (RoD) bottles manufactured by an MNC in Philippines. The speed of each line is 250 bottles per minute. Line 1: The ROD bottles are shrink wrapped & then case packed A matrix of ROD bottles is formed using

Renewed Assurance in End of Line Packaging for Australia

The End of Line Packaging Machinery scenario in Australia is now set to change as two European Packa

Automating ‘end of line’ to boost productivity and profits

Barring high speed production lines, most lines in Asia are not fully automated today. Most investments go into capacity expansion or automation contributes towards primary packing. End of line automation with exception of case sealing is usually left for later or ignored completely. But that’s until now! Automating end of...

End of Line packaging machines

With urbanization organized retail through, packaging now plays a critical role in the development of a brand The emerging trends, which are changing the packaging scenario across Asia, include change in demographics, growing middle income group and rapid urbanization. Furthermore, factors like health and well-being, safety and sustainability, convenience and...