Wrap Around Case Packing – A Sustainable and Intelligent Alternative to Conventional Case Packing

RSC/American cases are usually the popular choice for packaging as the cases may be may manually erected by hand or there could be multiple automation options available for case packaging. Operational managers who are continuously looking for ways to reduce their overall packaging costs have found Wrap around case packing a sustainable alternate. Let us discuss its advantages:

What is Wrap Around Case Packing?
In wrap around case packing, the carton blanks are loaded and wrapped around the product to be packed to form a compact and robust box, sealed with hot glue.
Its Advantages

  1. Saves packaging material: Since the corrugated blank is made to fit the dimensions of the product, waste is minimized., there is considerable saving on board cost when working with cases with lower heights.  Furthermore, when working with corrugate case supplier, the additional process of pre-gluing of the industrial flap is saved since the industrial flap is glued and sealed on the wrap around case packer. This means that an additional process is saved from the supplier to the end-user, while more number of cases can be transported on the same pallet, to reduce logistics cost and increase carbon footprint.
  2. Saves Time:More corrugated blanks fit into magazine vs RSC case blanks. The operator needs to load magazine less number of times leading to increased productivity of the operator for other work
  3. Pack Strength:The folding and sealing of the cardboard around the product ensure greater protection and integrity. This could allow an optimisation on the pallet by increasing the case stacking strength.
  4. Saves real estate: The case erecting, packing & sealing operations are carried out in single compact machinereducing the need for valuable factory real estate compared to the requirement of three different RSC machinescase erector, case packer and case sealer.
  5. Multiple formats: Corrugated and solid board blanks can beformed to full size Wrap-Around cases, Trays or Shelf Ready Packages “SRP”. For example, it could be possible to run both wrap around and tray in the same machine without much adjustment.
  6. Suitable for FMCG, Lube Oil and Pharma Industry: Wrap around case packingcan handle huge product variety, wide format range and capacity to cover all major markets.
  7. Branding opportunities: The wrap-around corrugated cases and shelf ready trays carrying graphical designs can become an effective promotional tool of the product marketed.
  8. Sustainable packaging: Use of natural, environmentally friendly, and reusable packaging material and reduction in waste material leads to eco-sustainable packing.

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