Clearpack Case Study – End of Line packaging of Roll-On-Deodorant bottles

Deodorant Bottles

Clearpack provided a packaging solution for 2 lines of Roll on Deodorant (RoD) bottles manufactured by an MNC in Philippines. The speed of each line is 250 bottles per minute.

Line 1: The ROD bottles are shrink wrapped & then case packed
A matrix of ROD bottles is formed using a lane dividing mechanism of puck lines. The bottles are then picked up & placed in an inverted orientation in a preformed plastic tray. The tray is then shrink wrapped using a Hugo Beck Flexo 500S machine manufactured by Clearpack. A matrix of these trays is formed & placed in a case using Robotic Case Packer RCP.

Line 2: The ROD bottles are case packed with honeycomb partition
Case erection is done using CE 30 HM case erector. The ROD bottles are conveyed in pucks. They are fed to the Mechanical Case Packer MCP 2 using lane dividing mechanism. They are then placed in the cases in a pre-defined matrix using specially designed mechanical gripper.

Packaging Line For Roll On DEO Bottles1

Packaging Line For Roll On DEO Bottles2

Line Layout


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