End of Line packaging for Edible Oil Jerry cans

Edible Oil Jerry Can

Clearpack automated the packaging line for a leading edible oil manufacturer in Indonesia. The line is capable of handling both the 5 liter & 3 liter jerry cans. The project consist of – RSC top load case packer, Case erector, Case sealer, check weigher (from Bizerba) & the related conveyors.

The filled jerry cans from the filler are conveyed to the Case packer. Mechanical Casepacker (MCP) 3T picks up 9 cans of 3 liter or 6 cans of 5 liter in one cycle & places them in 3 cases. The cases are then weighed using an EPW 30 check weigher from Bizerba & sent further for sealing. The Case erector is placed on a mezzanine floor, above the packer & the sealer.

The line functions at the rated speed of 7000 bph for 3l jerry cans & 5500 bph at 5l jerry can

jerry cans

End of Line packaging for Edible Oil Jerry cans

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