Flexible Pouch Case Packaging Automation

Flexible pouches are one of the most complicated packages to handle as far as the Case Packing automation is concerned. On top of that, if pouches have to be oriented vertical inside the case with partition, that makes the automation even more complex.

One of our esteemed customers in India approached us with a requirement of case packing of home care pouches at speed of 240ppm.

Pouches are from a HFFS machine received in 3 lanes are conveyed in lay flat orientation. 3 lanes of pouches are divided into 4 lanes. Pouches from all 4 lanes are aligned to be in phase with each other before they are transferred together to a servo driven race- track pocket. Pockets index only after they receive the pouches.


Once the required number of collation matrix is formed on the race-track, a gripper picks up the complete collation of pouches to then place them gently inside a case waiting at the case conveyor. Double rows of case conveyor are provided to take care of 2 cases at time.

Above solution is indigenously designed and manufactured by Clearpack, Pouch is a common package for liquids and powders in Asia due to its low cost per pack. This solution addresses the Case packing automation needs for this package for many customers in the Food, Home Care and Personal industry. Clearpack is actively discussing with several potential customers in Asia for a similar solution and will be exported from our Greater Noida, India plant.

Products can be handled: Any standup and Pillow pouches.


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