Pick/Pack/Erect/Palletize Applications using Cobot

One of our reputed customers wanted a temporary modular end of line packaging arrangement which could be used as case packer, case erector and/or palletizer as per requirement catering to seasonal sales. The customer wanted minimum space utilization and wondered if the machine can be packed back when not in use and re-installed without hassle.

Experienced in developing smart and innovative solutions, Clearpack built a multi-tasking cobot based packaging system for its customer, one that is safe, compact, flexible, and easy-to-use, while enabling businesses to utilise their warehouse storage space to the maximum.


  • Ease of Use
  • Flexibility
  • Safety & Hygiene
  • Value for Money
  • Low space requirement


The cobot integrates easily into the production line with minimum accessories. Its lightweight nature also enables it to be transferred from one production line to the other with just castor wheels.

A wide range of plug-and-play grippers means cobots can easily handle the pick and place of fragile and irregularly shaped objects. Adding or removing layer cards and partitions, pucking-depucking of bottles, creating a sortation channel, accumulating, or manipulating products, can be done with the collaborative robot as part of a supplementary process to the primary function of the end of line. This helps to alleviate areas of man-power that would not have been possible to automate due to space, safety, or budget constraints.


Another important advantage of using Cobots is that it helps you reduce the risk of human contamination in sensitive processes and clean environments. Robots can also relieve workers from material handling jobs in dusty, loud, and high-vibration operations, allowing them to move to higher-value tasks.


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