Propak Asia – A successful event

Propak Asia, Thailand has always been a very important exhibition for Clearpack. It attracts a good deal of visitors from South East Asia. We showcased some of latest and most advanced equipments from the group as well as from the European suppliers. As always, Clearpack participated with 2 stands opposite to each other. One booth had the project equipments, included Mechanical Case packer (MCP 4) for cans, Net weight Filling machine with 12 filling + 6 capping heads, Lane divider (from 1 to 4 lanes, Model: D12, Make : LM Spa), Overwrapping machine (Model: Evo Make: Marden Edwards) and Shrink Sleeve machine (Model: EZ 100, Make: Axon USA).

The other booth housed the shrink packaging business with films, shrink packaging machines & inspection machines.

The booth dawned the meticulously used Corporate colors of RED and VIOLET to make booth look lively and modern. With video screens, posters, banners, brochures & samples we covered the full range of applications from our core product lines.

Apart from witnessing the LIVE demo on the machines, the customers also met experts from world leaders in packaging viz., DEL, Apsol, Marden Edwards, LM, PE labelers, Fuji, Flexlink, Langenpack.

Participation in Propak was a very successful one with new contacts being established & the brand equity as a packaging leader in Asia getting a further boost.

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