Redefining the world of Flour (Atta) packaging

Traditional way of attas packs packaging, handling, and delivery to distributors.
Atta packs especially 5 and 10 kg were considered bulky to handle and followed a traditional way of dumping the packs in gunny bag. The thought of aesthetics damage to the bag and damage to packs during transportation was not considered. The gunny bags were loaded on to trucks in an uneven fashion also reducing the space occupancy of the truck.

1)  Aesthetic look of pack completely removed because of rough handling and dumping one bag above other
2)  Damage to packs went undetected till it reached the market shop resulting in unsatisfied shop owners and customer complaints.
3)  Inefficient use of transportation space because of dumping in gunny bag.
4)  Large number of packs in gunny bag resulted in miscount and missing packs and there was no way to find out if the number of packs is less or high because of opaque bag.
5)  Gunny bag is difficult to handle and transport.
6)  Not humanely possible to lift and transport gunny bags.
7)  Not tamper proof


New concept for packing
Shrink bundling is a very conventional method of packing bundles together. This was largely used to pack small bundles of bottles, carton, and boxes. The weight of the pack never exceeded 12-15kg.
The benefit of packing in shrink bundle
1)    Clarity of pack after bundling resulting in clear picture of number of packs and countable.
2)    Easy handling for packing and distribution
3)    Tamper proof. Though the possibilities of shrink packaging is unlimited and yet to be explored there are very few industries who try to implement in their product.
4)    Damaged product could easily be identified and eliminated before reaching end shop owners resulting in satisfied end users.

Clearpack having a vast experience in manufacturing of shrink wrapping machines and a very strong R&D base stood up to the opportunity and challenge to develop shrink bundling machine for Atta. The challenge was unique and was first to be ever tried for such large size of pack.

Clearpack came up with a concept which was user friendly, easily maintainable, limited space consumption and economical to customer. The atta shrink bundler was designed considering the pack would have minimum travel and finished bundle is available in shortest time.  


To do this all mechanisms from product elevation, air decompression, stacking, shrinkwrap and seal with film, shrinking was redesigned and customised from conventional method. The heart of the machine, the shrink tunnel was completely redesigned to take this large pack at the same time provide uniform shrinking all around without damaging the Primary pack LDPE film. The tunnel despite of being large is designed for energy efficiency using the concept of heat recirculation. Double walled heat insulated tunnel holds the heat inside the tunnel with little impact of external temperature.

The machine could comfortably make packs of 6x5Kg and 3x10 Kg bundles. The new packaging format received a good response from packers, logistics providers as well as retailers. Clearpack is confident that Shrink packing machines for bags will soon find application in industries like food, building material, paints, spices, tea, and fine chemical.


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