Renewed Assurance in End of Line Packaging for Australia

End of Line Packaging Machinery

The End of Line Packaging Machinery scenario in Australia is now set to change as two European Packaging Technology leaders – Involvo Wrapping Solutions AG and Apsol S.r.l are ready to storm the market in association with Colorpak.

The end of line packaging scope essentially covers everything after the primary or secondary packing systems such as fillers or labellers (for bottles) or flow wrapper and cartoner (for food or non-food items). Case erectors, Case/Crate packer, Shrink bundlers, Case Palletizers and Case sealers are usually the equipment referred to as End of Line Packaging Machines.

INVOLVO are considered as the pioneers in wrap around case packing and high speed shrink wrapping technology, particularly for the FMCG, Food, Dairy and Beverage industry. INVOLVO epitomizes Swiss precision & finesse. It has been the leader in these segments of the packaging industry for over 40 years, serving many customers across the globe, cutting through various industries, with a focus on Food & Beverages, Dairy, Personal & Home care sectors. INVOLVO in particular has many existing installation in the Australian market with companies such as Nestle, Regal Creams, Bulla Dairies and Kraft to name a few. Under Involvo, we provide 2 range of equipments for the End of Line segment.

INVOPAC – considered an “all rounder” as the intermittent running Wrap Around Case Packers with an output of upto or over 30 cases per minute. It forms all common “end of the line” pack styles and wraps a vast range of products. The solid, modular design of this wrap around and tray packer paired with the servo-drive technology stands for a high degree of efficiency, flexibility and user-friendliness.

INVOSPEED – A high-speed shrink wrapper that can handle single, dual or triple lane configuration with an output ranging from speeds of 30 to upto 100 cycle per minute. The INVOSPEED is capable of shrink wrapping products of multiple formats in Film only, Pad + Film, Tray + Film. The machine has been designed for zero change parts while the changeover is short and simple for operators.

The service offered by INVOLVO includes:
• Design, supply, installation and commissioning of new INVOLVO packaging equipments
• Delivery of spare parts of INVOLVO equipment
• Service and maintenance on INVOLVO packaging machines

AP.SOL s.r.l. is a young and dynamic Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of “end of line” packaging machinery with an emphasis on technological innovation. Thanks to a team of highly qualified engineers operating with “cutting edge” design tools, Apsol can respond to customer’s requirements with professionalism and flexibility. APSOL manufactures Mechanical & Robotic Case packers along with RSC case erectors, case sealers and a range of Conventional and Robotic palletizers.

MCP is a mechanical case packer, typically used to pack rigid containers in a RSC case. The slow cycle time but high payload makes it particularly suitable to pack heavy containers at low to medium speed or containers that can be easily accumulated on a conveyor. It works on a Desmodromic Cam movement profile which ensures differential speeds, provides better efficiency and smoother product handling.

RCP – A Robotic pick & place case packer is predominantly used for packing products which can be stacked in multiple layers in a box. It can rotate 180° to ensure products like pouches which have tendency to sag at the end. Another product where a Robotic Case packer is used predominantly is Soaps.

Both Involvo and Apsol have a strategic partnership with Singapore based packaging automation provider, Clearpack. Clearpack are an end of line packaging company who have over 20 years of thorough understanding of packaging lines in similar industries to both Involvo and Apsol.

Both Involvo and Apsol are proud to be represented by Colorpak.

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